500 visu laiku filmu filmas ir kritiķu tandēma Ditas Rietumas un Normunda Naumaņa veidotās grāmatas 365 Dienas filmas papildināts izdevums. Abi autori jau sen bija iecerējuši atgriezties pie savas subjektīvās kino enciklopēdijas un izveidot papildinātu tās variantu. Pēc Normunda Naumaņa aiziešanas 2014.gada gada 12. septembrī šo ieceri ir realizējusi viņa kolēģe. Grāmata lasītājiem var būt par orientieri neizsmeļamajā kino piedāvājumā un aprakstīto filmu noskatīšanās ļaus samērā sistemātiski apgūt senākas un nesenākas kinovēstures esenci. >>>

About us

About us

The aim of the Film School is to give young people opportunity to attend courses in creative crafts of cinematography, editing and sound, as well as to find out more about state-of-the-art digital techniques, directing and acting. Everyone who is interested in audiovisual culture and possibly thinks of building his/her future career in the industry is welcome to the school.


As the choice of a future profession is a very important decision the Film School offers a study program for high school graduates, students or people irrespective of age who are looking for opportunity to develop their talents.


Our special offer is a series of lectures and creative workshops under the guidance of renowned international lecturers and filmmaking professionals.


We aim at raising the level of higher education in Latvia and the cultural environment in Riga as well as developing potential of talented people.


The program for the first term (six months) offers

-        Acting Essentials;

-        History of filmmaking and theory, analysis of modern filmmaking process.

The program for the second term (six months) offers


-        Directing Essentials;

-        Introduction into Filmmaking.


The students attend group meetings or classes twice a week. They include both practical acting classes and lectures and film analysis sessions.


The idea of the Film school was initiated by the critic Dita Rietuma and the actress Ināra Slucka. They were joined by media professionals - film critic Daira Āboliņa, the film theoretician, the University lecturer and Associate Professor Viktors Freibergs, the director and the theoreticians Dāvis Sīmanis.


The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Latvian Association for Modern Art and classes will take place in KIM Spīķeros.